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StockAviator is a veteran trader in the OTC, NASDAQ, and NYSE markets. He posts consistent gains from trades on both the long and the short side. StockAviator is an expert in recognizing momentum before the breakout happens.

Moocow specializes in using technical indicators to predict future momentum breakouts. Typically looks for scalp and day trade opportunities, but will swing trade on confirmed technical breakouts. He is a highly consistent trader.

Jbush is primarily a swing trader who specializes in finding bio-tech stock plays long before breakouts. He consistently posts large gains of over 20% due to his expertise in finding breakout trade set-ups before the rest of the market.

WiseTrader is a small and micro cap trader with an impressive win rate. He trades specific catalysts in conjunction with technical analysis for high risk/reward plays. Typically trades on the short side, but will go long if the opportunity arises.

VegasTrader has had tremendous success as a fundamental investor for over 20 years. His trading style is a mix of day and swing trading and has been extremely effective at finding explosive set-ups.

AlphaTrader is a small and micro cap trader who specializes in equity research. He is proficient in trading earnings and contract news along with media hype plays, taking only the best set ups with strong technicals in his favor.

Last Week’s Winners:

Below are the winning alerts from our Guru’s last week. You can see from their alerts that they all have different trading strategies. Our Premium Members can follow as many or as few as they like.

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Make sure you follow your favorite Gurus to get real-time text and email alerts throughout the day. Congratulate our leading Gurus StockAviator with 143% gains for the week and VegasTrader with 161% gains for the week.

*List updated every Sunday   

Alerted buy FITX at $.0119. Ended week at $.017 +43%
Alerted buy NHMD at $.059. Ended week at $.083 +41%
Alerted short VPCO at $2.66. Ended week at $1.94 +27%
Alerted short GERN at $2.88. Ended week at $2.33 +19%
Alerted short YOD at $3.17. Ended week at $2.87 +13%

Alerted buy JNUG at $3.37. Ended week at $4.34 +29%
Alerted buy BAXS at $.221. Closed trade at $.265 +20%
Alerted buy IAG at $1.66. Ended week at $1.96 +18

Alerted short YOD at $3.28. Ended week at $2.87 +16%
Alerted buy ANV at $.92. Ended week at $1.05 +14%
Alerted buy ODP at $6.08. Ended week at $6.50 +8%
Alerted short ANR at $2.69. Ended week at $2.91 +8%

Alerted buy GBLX at $.76. Closed trade at $1.40 +85%
Alerted buy EKSO at $1.22. Ended week at $1.72 +41%
Alerted buy CLF at $9.60. Ended week at $11.17 +17%
Alerted buy MCIG at $.245. Ended week at $.263 +8%
Alerted buy AKS at $6.30. Ended week at $6.62 +5%
Alerted buy MNDO at $3.22. Closed Trade at $3.37 +5%

Alerted short VPCO at $3.40. Ended week at $1.94 +43%
Alerted short SOPW at $2.38. Closed trade at $1.97 +17%
Alerted short BBLU at $1.75. Ended week at $1.48 +16%
Alerted short IBIO at $1.38. Ended week at $1.16 +16%
Alerted short YOD at $3.06. Ended week at $2.87 +8%
Alerted buy MWW at $4.05. Ended week at $4.28 +6%
Alerted buy PGNX at $5.04. Ended week at $5.37 +6%
Alerted buy PLNR at $6.24. Closed trade at $6.60 +5%

The Stock Aviator Community

We believe that the fastest way to become a successful stock trader is to be surrounded by traders with years of experience and a variety of backgrounds. The Stock Aviator community of traders is a diverse group of professional and part-time traders with a common goal of profiting from the micro-cap OTC market.

The OTC market is both extremely volatile and extremely profitable. Fortunes can be made and lost in a matter of hours, not years like the conventional market. Instead of challenging the market on an individual basis, we treat it more like a team sport.

The chat room is buzzing with new trade ideas and strategies on a daily basis and the Stock Aviator team has an excellent track record of successful stock picks. Thousands of dollars of trading profits are generated from our chat room and Aviator Alerts every single day and new traders who are serious about their success are always welcome.

Stock Aviator Premium Membership

Our premium members receive our alerts 1-2 days in advance of our free members. This allows them to do more research and buy shares before our free members are alerted. Premium memberships cost $99.00/mo and we have a limited number available.

Our Premium Members also have access to mentor traders who will answer any questions they have regarding trading on an individual basis. Contact us for availability of Premium Memberships. Also, keep in mind penny stock trading does involve more risk than large cap stock trading. Invest with caution.

Our system allows us to pick stocks with breakout characteristics and alert our members even before the Wall Street pro’s know about it!

Features of Premium Membership
Access to Professional Tips & Advice
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